Here is an example of one of our member’s machines.  Thanks Tom aka Jawboney!  He explains:

"I should be able to zap 10 to 15 coins at once depending on how I arrange them. I am going to first try the coins edge to edge. If I ever get lots of crusties I will then try face to face (more coins)

The anode is made out of 3/8 inch (inside diameter) stainless pipe nipples and fittings. It looks kind of industrial and I wanted to have lots of material in it so it lasts longer. It will eventually disintegrate. I wanted to make a rectangular anode to give the electrons the most direct path from coin to anode. I don't know if this even electron distribution will help or not but what the heck

The cathode is stainless instrument tubing held in place with tube supports. I have made 8 clips so far. These are made using #14 copper wire that I silver soldered to the clips. I then bent the wire to make a little handle.

I plan to use a 6-12 Volt 6 Amp battery charger to
run this puppy."