We’ve all been there.  We have our coins soaking in olive oil for months.  We take them out and scrub them, but they just won’t come clean.  We’ve heard about electrolysis, but we aren’t sure that it is for us.  After all, all the cleaning guides say you’ll ruin your coins, and isn’t it dangerous?

Well CoinZappers is the place to find out all about it.  Experienced users share their setups and tips,  questions will be answered.  And…you are free to speak your mind regarding the cleaning of ancient coins.  After all, cleaning coins is not just a scholarly pursuit, it’s a treasure hunt!  It’s lots of fun!

CoinZappers places an emphasis on electrolysis, although all other methods of cleaning are acceptable for discussion.  We only ask that members maintain a level of civility. In addition, we will use this forum as a means to seek and share our favorite sources for coins and rate those from whom we buy. The freedom to express one’s self is very important and ALL input is solicited without fear of reprisal or fear of being “kicked” from the site.

Membership is open, so come on in and join the fun!