Roman Coins

Roman Coins

Roman Coins

It is still difficult to comprehend that the Romans were able to create an empire as vast and as powerful as they did.  Lasting several centuries and covering Europe, Asia Minor and Northern Africa and even overtaking their historical enemies the Greeks, their empire was of a magnitude that has been unsurpassed, but often dreamed.

Their coins are a reflection of this history, each coin is like a tiny window through which we may glimpse many facets of the cultures that produced them.  Each tells a story of what was happening in the Roman world when it was struck. All we have to do is read what is on it, look at the images, and that story comes back to life after almost 2000 years.

Roman Coin Beginners Kit

Item Number BK10-001 – $29.99

The Beginners Kit is a great gift idea for someone that loves to learn about history.  Each kit includes uncleaned roman coins from all over Europe that could be up to 2000 years old.

This kit includes everything that you need to get started.  Below is a list of items included in the kit.


                                I     10 Uncleaned Roman coins

                                II    Magnifying Glass

                                III   Pick

                                IV   Container of Olive Oil

                                V    Two Sided brush

                                VI   Small container for soaking or storing coins

                                VII Wooden box for storage of all your coin cleaning tools

S&H Charge 5.50 – US Only

International Orders- Contact for shipping & handling charges.


Bulk Specials for Uncleaned Roman Coins

10   Uncleaned Roman Coins           $18.00          

20   Uncleaned Roman Coins           $33.00          

50   Uncleaned Roman Coins           $90.00         

100 Uncleaned Roman Coins           $170.00       

20  * Uncleaned Cull Roman Coins    $6.00         

*Cull coins are great for perfecting your cleaning techniques.

If you would prefer to fill out out an order form instead of using paypal, click on the order form.  The order form will be sent to us and we will email you with a receipt and then we can discuss a method of payment you could choose.

Biblical Roman Coins

B-003 – Widow’s Mite


Mark 12:42 and Luke 21:2
Jannaeus Spoke Type
103-76 BC

$19.00/One Coin (Random Selection)


BC-32 Valerius Gratus


AE Bronze Prutah – 15-26AD

O: TIB KAI CAP (Tiberius Caesar) in wreath tied w/X at bottom.

R: Palm Branch flanked by IOYΛIA and date (LE  year 5=18AD).


Roman Coins
ANTONINUS PIUS –  August 138 – 7 March 161 A.D.
ARCADIUS – January 19, 383 to May 1, 408 A.D.

RC867 Arcadius AE4

Obv. D N ARCADIVS P F AVG, pearl diademed, draped & cuirassed bust right

Rev. VOT V in wreath

Exe: CONG – Constantinople Mint – RIC 62b


AURELIAN – August or September 270  to  October or November 275 A.D.

RC850 Aurelian AE Antoninianus

ObvIMP AVRELANVS AVG, radiate & cuirassed bust right, holding shield and spear

Rev: IOVI CONSER, emperor standing right receiving globe from Jupiter standing opposite & holding sceptre

EXE: P RIC 260


RC851 Aurelian Silvered Antoninianus
Obv: IMP AVRELIAN AVG – Radiate bust right, cuirassed

Rev: ORIENS AVG – Sol treading left on captive while right hand is raised in salute and holding globe while other captive looks on.

Exe: XXIP – Serdica Mint RIC 279




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