ID Your Coins

ID Your Coins

Identification – 
Attribution of Your Coins

Every Roman Coin Collector should have the The Handbook of Roman Imperial Coins, David Van Meter, Ph.D. This book is the best, and for the small-time collector, the only reference you will need on Roman Coins.  We have a limited number of copies available. Email to purchase your copy for only $34.00 (plus $4.95 S&H).OUT OF STOCK or Fill in our Order Form To Receive an Email Invoice

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This is a terrific book!  It features

  • 1,000 photographs of coins. 
  • Over 8,000 types identified.
  • Tables and Mints make Identification a Snap!
  • Eight Chapters of Introductory and Historical Information.
  • Realistic Value Ranges for Your Coins
  • Biographical notes on the emperors and their families.

This is a must have for any collector.  Until it was reprinted, copies of this book were selling for $100.  The biographies are very informative.  The book is very approachable, and is an excellent resource for the beginning collector.  If you buy only one coin book, it should be this one.


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