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About Us

Frequently Asked Questions about Roman Coins and RomanCoins.Net

Who Are You?
We are the McIntyre’s: James, Amie, and Sue.  James and Amie live in Magnolia, Texas and have two children.  James works for a chemical company and Amie is a stay at home mom. Sue lives in Arkansas and is James’s mother and works at a lumber company.  We run a Christian business and believe in treating everyone fairly and honestly (see our
 testimonials).  We can be reached via email and encourage you to offer suggestions and ask questions.  Our desire is to have you hold in your hand coins that are from 1700 to 2000 years old and when you purchase our un-cleaned coins and because you never know what’s under all that dirt, you will be the first person to see coins that haven’t been seen by any other person for thousands of years.  Check out our for-sale page and consider buying some coins.   We look forward to hearing from you. 

Are these Roman and Biblical Coins Authentic?
Absolutely!  These coins are actual man-made coins, most of which are over 1,700 years old.  There are some Byzantine’s which can be as late as sixth century AD, and there are also some Greeks which can be from over 300 BC.

Where do Roman Coins come from?
They come from Europe.  There were no banks during Roman times. People would hoard their money and bury it in the ground or hide it in caves.  They would then go off to battle, or forget where they put it, or get killed on the road by thieves for not having any money on them.  The coins sat there for hundreds of years until they were then found, divided up, and sold to coin dealers…like me.

How Old Are These Coins?
Most are 1,700 Years old or more.

What are Roman Coins made of?
Bronze, copper, silver, gold, and electrum mostly.  More than likely you will not find any gold coins in these lots.  I’ve never found one and I buy thousands.  People who say that you will find gold are lying and that’s not a very nice way to do business.  You can find silver coins, although these are fairly rare, and you may find coins that show “silvering” which is basically a bronze coins with a wash of silver.

How Do I Clean Roman Coins?
Look at my 
cleaning instructions, and if you find something new, let me know.

Now that I’ve Cleaned this Coin How Do I Identify it?
Look at my “How to Identify and Attribute Your Roman Coins” page.

What are Roman Coins Worth?
Uncleaned, mine are worth $2.00.  Please buy some. 8)  Cleaned, it depends on a variety of factors the most important one of which is condition.  Rarity is also very important.  There are some great books to help you decide how to grade your coins once cleaned, and decide what they are worth.  I’ll be adding these to my ID section before long.

What is your Shipping Policy?
Depends on where you are…take a look.

What is your Return Policy?
Depends on where you are…take a look.

How can you sell the uncleaned coins so cheap?
I buy in bulk, and they are uncleaned.  Many dealers sell these same coins for $2.50 each, but I feel that it is more important to spread the hobby than make a killing.  In short, my profit margin is thin, and I buy HUGE lots.

Do you accept Credit Cards?
Yes and No.  I accept all major credit cards through PayPal.  I do not have a merchant account to directly accept credit cards, so you have to register with PayPal, but this only takes a minute and is safe.  You don’t want to be giving your credit card info out to all the small stores on the Internet anyway.  PayPal handles millions of transactions and is very safe.

Do I have to Register on PayPal to Pay you?
No, only if you are paying with a credit card.  If you would like to purchase coins with a check or money order, then send me an email and I will send you the total along with my address.

Any more questions?  email me


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